Our Mission

To create awareness and community involvement in keeping skateparks clean and maintained.  

VIDEO - What we do


As skateboarders, we love the amazing gifts of skateparks everywhere. We didn't have them growing up so seeing more and more pop up across the country is an incredible gift to skateboarding. We skateboard a lot and have seen the positive benefits of skateparks within a community and have seen skateparks close when they are run down and abused. The Broken Windows Theory by James Q. Wilson and James Kelling states that serious crime and disorder are the result of a lengthier chain of events. The theory posits that a broken window, if left broken, sends a message that disorder is acceptable causing more broken windows, more crime, more disorder. Disorder causes crime, and crime causes further disorder and crime. Fixing the broken window sends a message that it is not acceptable and that someone cares and takes ownership of the issue. This relates to skateparks as we have seen parks close due to trash, graffiti, crime, and misuse. These issues require more maintenance by the cities and community and often fuel the negative stereotypes associated with skateboarding. We saw a need for the community to take ownership and for the skateboarding community to be responsible for the longevity of the skateparks and to minimize the negative impact on the cities. We believe the opposite of the Broken Windows Theory is also true. One positive action can lead to another. Positive momentum is contagious.  

What We want to accomplish

  • Create a sense of responsibility and strengthen the skateboarding community in the cleaning and maintenance of skateparks.

  • Spread the stoke of skateboarding through cleanup efforts and events at skateparks.

  • Educate about the benefits of a cleaner skatepark and community.

  • Help to dispel the negative stereotypes of skateboarding with positivity, responsibility, and service.