Here's just a small sampling of skateparks we've helped preserve over the years.

West la courthouse Cleanup 9.8.19, los angeles, ca

On 9/8/19 we cleaned up the West LA Courthouse, a historic skate spot. We arrived early to find the place covered in trash, leaves, sleeping homeless, graffiti, and more. Our volunteers joined in the cleanup and we swept and blew all the debris and picked up all trash in the planter benches and surrounding areas. The graffiti was painted over and we skated a cleaner and safer spot as the local Farmer’s Market vendors were setting up. They appreciated our efforts and a good time was had by all.

Marathon Cleanup 8.11.19, Oceanside and Carlsbad, ca

We started at 5:55am with a goal to clean and skate 5 skateparks in 5 hours. We started at Bishop Skatepark in Oceanside, then MLK skatepark in Oceanside, then Alga Norte in Carlsbad, Carlsbad Skatepark in Carlsbad, and ended at Prince Skatepark in Oceanside. We cleaned the parks and surrounding areas, picking up all trash, sweeping the park and walkways, and wiped down what we could. The parks shined and we skated free of debris. The locals enjoyed our efforts and joined in on the fun. It was a whirlwind cleanup day and we were beat but it was so worth it and we look forward to more soon.

ann arbor SKATEPARK-skatepark hero 6.23.19, ann arbor, MI

On 6.23.19 we helped celebrate the Ann Arbor Skatepark 5 Year Anniversary with hundreds of skaters and community members. The park is a labor of love project that came to fruition because of the amazing and diligent community. The celebration included food, professional skaters Andy Macdonald, Alec Beck, Janthavy Norton, Gabby Rataiczak, a raffle, and dance exhibition by local kids.


A Mayoral Decree and award was given to a local legend who has made the park his pet project since before day one. David Swain has been skating since 1963 and in Ann Arbor, he has been a huge presence in the skateboarding community, helping get the park built, cleaning it daily, and always being a positive influence on the skaters at the park. Both the City of Ann Arbor and Skatepark Respect recognize David Swain as the first recipient of the Skatepark Respect, Inc. Skatepark Hero Award. Here he is holding his award and a likeness award of him made by our very own Jayson Lee.


riverside SKATEPARK grand opening 6.22.19, detroit, MI

Photo Jun 22, 3 43 46 AM (1).jpg

6.22.19 was the grand opening day of Riverside Skatepark in Detroit. The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation and Tony Hawk Foundation/Built to Play helped make this skatepark by the bridge possible. It is a fun park and the festivities brought people from the surrounding areas to share in food, music, skating, and more. The Mayor of Detroit and many others were in attendance as pro skateboarders, NFL Rams player John Kelly, and more broke the park in. We had a blast and can’t wait to come back to skate this great park.

Photo Jun 22, 9 56 23 AM.jpg



On 6.22.19, this time partnering with the Tony Hawk Foundation/Built to Play and Ferndale Parks and Recreation to help clean this new skatepark in Ferndale, Michigan before it opened. Some of the local community was upset that a skatepark was being built in their neighborhood, thinking that it would bring a negative element to the area. The amazing people of Ferndale Parks and Recreation and the Tony Hawk Foundation/Built to Play team helped plan this event.


We cleaned both parks, removed graffiti, disposed of large garbage objects at the park, and scraped all gum. The park and surrounding areas were beautiful when we left and the 40+ volunteers were amazing. The community in Ferndale rallied to join this cause and we all got to skate the park before its official grand opening. The City of Ferndale, local organizations, and the community came together to make the parks and skate scene a positive place for fun.

denver SKATEPARK 3.30.19, denver, co

2019-03-30 11.02.06.jpg

On 3.30.19 we had the pleasure of cleaning the Denver Skatepark thanks to the amazing skating community, especially The Wheel House Scouts. WHS is an incredible group of humans who skate all over the Denver, Arvada, Colorado Springs, and beyond areas and empower each other through endless positivity and fun. To meet them is to know them and to know them is to love them. Really. It snowed up until an hour before the event causing some heavy anxiety from us Southern California folks.


About 50 volunteers showed up to clean the park including workers from the City of Denver, local skaters of all ages, and community members from the area. They brought shovels, brooms, blowtorches, and many other cleanup tools and we shined the park up. The City of Denver asked Wheel House Scouts to be the official sponsor/ambassadors of the park when we were done. The formula for bridging the gap between the community and the city works when we work together. We will be back to Denver!


We are back at it again 3.9.19, this time partnering with the Vista Skatepark Coalition and the City of Vista to help clean the two skateparks in Vista. We cleaned both parks, removed graffiti, disposed of large garbage objects at the park, and scraped all gum. The parks were sparkling when we left and the 40+ volunteers were amazing. The City, local organizations, and the community rallied together to make a difference in keeping our skateparks clean.

SKATERISING 7.14.18  Encinitas Skate Plaza

"Poods Park", Encinitas, CA 


SkatePark Respect assisted with SkateRising's community service project to create care packages for those less fortunate in the community and spread the message regarding our shared responsibility in taking care of the places we skate and enjoy.   Amazing to see the excitement and enthusiasm amongst all the participants!! 

SkatePark Respect, Inc participated in community service project with SkateRising and introduced young girls to the stoke! One of six events hosted by Exposure and SkateRising throughout the country and Australia!! -

Alex road (prince) skatepark 9.29.18, oceanside, ca

Prince Pools.jpg

One of the premier skateparks in California, "Prince" has an element that works to trash the place. Designed by Grindline Skateparks and built by California Skateparks, this 22,700 square foot park is incredible. We work with the local skateboarding community to clean, maintain, and improve the condition of this amazing skatepark through cleanup events, education, and community awareness.